Our History

Brand Story

Damon fashion founded in 1992 as “Tsai Ge clothing accessories company”, after years of operating and development, Tsai Ge expands business area from selling buttons to other garment accessories, in order to fulfill customer’s needs therefore grow into the company named Damon Fashion International Co., Ltd,. Headquarter is located in Taipei Dihua Street, specializing in importing various luxury garment accessories and jewelry. Damon also designs and develops apparel accessories that be loved by fashion designers and celebrity stylists.

Brand Aim & Objective

Damon insists to develop variety product lines to meet the changing needs of customer at any cost; this is how it reflects the business philosophy of sustainability development and stick with the belief of great quality, creativity and service that we persist to satisfy our customers.

  • To develop diverse apparel accessories in responds to customer’s need .
  • To create more value added products for our customer
  • To lead the fashion industry trend in apparel accessories domain.

Cooperate Brands

MALIYISI 、Shiatzy Chen、Iroo、Nadia Lin、Huang Shu Chi、Shia Yu Lin、Donna Hsu、Phidias、gimo’s、Londee、Yin Hwa、Keraia、Cladon、Jin Hwa Tsai、Laicarfore、Fashion Show、Bernini、Grandonil、Mosdiors….